Welcome to Ray Colleran Art


Ray Colleran is an artist.

He understands the meaning of non-meaning, but only when he doesn't mean to, just as the light of morning does not mean to hurt his eyes and fill his heart with abstract ends like the chalice of some Viking prince is filled near to overflowing by the deft hands of his saucy Nordic bride on the evening of the celebration of the apple goddess Iðunn.

Welcome to where Latin does not mean to exist, but must. Welcome to frogtown, where everything you like is freely witnessed at the price of its own self twice over. Duck, tremble, but always proceed. Give to God what is Caeser's and to Pfizer give your little all. Try to hate, but fail at it, and in that failure know your worth. Sugar my sugar with the antisugar, but the antisugar is sweet. Try all. Never whine, but bring raisons, do. My trying tries but never for oranges. Gertrude Stein? No. Probably just art.